Warm Congratulations on the Official Opening of Zhongshan Seaory Smart Technology Co., LTD

28th November, 2023

Zhongshan Seaory Smart Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Zhongshan city which is one of the important cities of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, its address Yuanshan industrial park, Fusha town, Zhongshan city adjacent to Fusha Town people's government, and Zhongshan Seaory is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen SeaoryTechnology Co., LTD

With the continuous advancement of the Seaory's development plan, Seaory invested in Zhongshan to buy a new plant. The newly established Zhongshan Seaory Smart Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly responsible for the manufacturing of card printers,portable card dispensers and other card personalized equipments, which is also become another important production base besides the Dongguan plant of the Seaory. The plant area of Zhongshan Seaory is more than 5000 square meters, including: negotiation area, office area, production area, quality control area, PIE engineering experiment area, warehousing and logistics area. With the establishment of the new production base, the supply capacity of Seaory's card personalized equipments will achieve double growth.

On the morning of November 24, 2023, Mr.Chen Yaohui, Executive Director& General Manager together with shareholders held an opening ceremony for Zhongshan Seaory Smart Technology Co., LTD.

New start, New journey! Seaory Technology will contributing to the localization and intelligence of card personalized equipment with a deep patriotic heart continuously. At the same time we will continue to take the mission of the industry leader as its own responsibility to promote the industry technology and keep moving.

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